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Newsletter – November 2015




Dear Family and Friends of the Preborn Child,

We need to pray for our current President.  He appears to be entirely disrespecting our nation’s Constitution. Why?  He seems to do so because he thinks only he is right.  When the Constitution is in the way, it must bend to his will. Executive orders have become the ‘order’ of the day.  Why? Having risen to power in this nation, he now seeks world acclaim (and future power). Why?  He lays future stepping stones for himself on the world stage at the expense of his own nation and our allies (Israel to name one).  Why?

Human personality is, in truth, a ‘riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’.  As a mere layman in these matters, I’m not qualified to furnish a definitive answer to the question “Why?”.  In the spring of 2010, however, I had occasion to be present at an evening meeting of preeminent physicians of the Washington metropolitan area.  I filed suit in March of that same year on behalf of these same physicians to challenge the Healthcare bill working it’s way through the Congress.  We challenged it as a violation of the ‘ORIGINATION CLAUSE’, Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution, because it was ‘originating’ in the Senate instead of the House of Representatives where all bills that would result in a “tax” must originate.  I had been asked to brief the doctors on the status of their case.

The exceptionally brilliant physician, Edmund Pellegrino, entered late and announced to his fellow physicians in the room “I have finally diagnosed Obama. He’s a NARCISSIST.”   A ripple of nervous laughter went through the room (as though they were trying to decide if he was serious or saying it in jest) Dr. Pellegrino instantly raised his hand and stopped the laughter.  He said, “No, I’m serious.”  That’s all he said. That’s all he needed to say.  His fellow physicians knew and understood the diagnosis all too well.  They did not question him for a second.  They knew who was speaking. They respected his diagnosis no different than if he’d entered the room and said he had diagnosed someone with adenocarcinoma of the lung. Every physician present would have known what that was and what it meant for the patient.  Of course, a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma is made with medical tests and x-rays and you have to be seeing the patient one on one to be able to take the x-ray and draw the blood, and send it off and get the lab reports back.  Perhaps because I was present (a non-doctor and not privy to the work of doctors and information they may share among themselves confidentially) no further discussion took place at that time.  We returned to the report that I was to give as a lawyer.

The doctors were understanding that the healthcare bill, as proposed in the Senate, was not about health and not about care but about CONTROL.  This is the succinct way they expressed it to me. Many would agree that they were right, for the healthcare bill has since come to be named after it’s chief protagonist.  Dr. Pellegrino was later to write me a letter commending me for my work on behalf of his friends and fellow physicians.

Not wanting to show my ignorance at the meeting that night as to what the word ‘narcissist’ meant, I came home and started where I always start, with my children’s Worldbook Encyclopedia.  Under the word ‘narcissist’, I found that the word itself came from greek mythology.  The entry in the Worldbook Encyclopedia reads as follows:

Narcissus, (Nahr SIS uhs), in greek mythology, was a handsome youth who was courted by many lovers for his beauty.  He, however, haughtily rejected all of them, including the nymph Echo.  As punishment for his cruelty, the gods condemned Narcissus to contemplate his beauty reflected in a pond on Mount Helicon in Greece.  Day after day, he lay beside the pond gazing lovingly at his reflection until he wasted away and died.  When searchers looked for him, they found only a flower now called the “Narcissus”.  Echo also wasted away from her love for Narcissus finally becoming nothing more than a voice in the woods.  The best-known version of the Narcissus story appears in the Metamorphoses, a collection of tales by the Roman poet Ovid.” (Worldbook Encyclopedia 2000)

Having educated myself somewhat, I telephoned the following evening, and spoke with a physician in the group who was a dear friend and asked that he share his wisdom with me on the medical term ‘narcissist’.  I asked him concerning Dr. Pellegrino’s diagnosis of the current president as a narcissist (a conclusion he came to only after carefully and patiently observing from a distance over a two year period the personality traits, words and actions of Obama) – I asked this wise physician what world leaders come to mind for him that would have been a narcissist.  He thought for a couple seconds and replied with only two words “Well, Hitler”.

There is no reason to doubt the diagnosis of this preeminent physician.  He is more qualified than any other, really, to make the diagnosis in the nation and was hesitant to do so for 2 years.  He had to be sure he was right before he announced it.  He needed certitude before he shared it with his fellow physicians because he knew what the diagnosis would mean.  It’s treatable, if at all, only with the cooperation of the patient.  But the very nature of the disease, (and it seems it should be called rightfully a disease, because look where it led the German Nation), forestalls the one who suffers from it from even admitting he needs help to begin with; let alone seeking that help.  Will he love this nation enough to seek it?  The nature of the malady causes him to love himself more than his nation.  The nation must bow to his will.  The nation must be subservient to his wishes, will and desire.  He doesn’t listen. He doesn’t learn. He always blames others.  In his mind, he is never wrong.  He and he alone knows what’s best for the Nation.  Yes, we have known others in history that fit this description, including the abominable one the doctor whose advice I sought mentioned to me.  History does not necessarily repeat itself, but it rhymes.

The malady feeds on power which is it’s aphrodisiac and like the drug addict, it must have more and more of the drug to achieve the same high.  In politics, the individual climbs the ladder of political power, reaching for a pinnacle that is never attained.

We remember Obama was elected to a state legislature as a relative unknown; followed by being elected to the U.S. Senate as a relative unknown; and we remember when he announced that he was running for president some of the newscasters apologized that they did not even know how to pronounce his name – he was a newcomer!  This is very curious!  He sought the offices boldly and with certitude, speaking with authority in an almost mesmeric way, because he truly believes, as did Narcissus, that he is the be all and end all.  This is a very dangerous combination on the world stage.  We need to stop criticizing.  We need to respect the high office of the President. We need to pray for the man who currently occupies that office.  We need to pray for our nation and it’s superintending influence on world affairs.

Let’s turn our attention, just for a moment, to the man who made the diagnosis, Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, MACP.  When I first met him in 2010, he was 90 years of age, but he bounded in to that meeting that night as though he could outrun anyone on the tennis court.  Indeed, his mind was as sharp as that of a 29 year old.  I remember being surprised as I watched him get into the back seat of a Cadillac to catch a ride with other physicians as he left the meeting.  He simply crawled across the back seat to get on the far side to make it easier for a younger doctor to come in after him and sit on the side near the other window. Unbelievable!  He not only was gifted by his Creator with a wonderful constitution, but with an absolutely brilliant intellect that was respected worldwide.  President Bush prevailed upon him to chair the Nation Bioethics Advisory Commission because he knew the respect his name would carry with the scientific community.

Dr. Pellegrino passed from our midst on June 19, 2013, and like a giant sequoia tree that’s been felled in the forest, left a gap that may never be filled, just as there has not been to date another Albert Einstein, there may not for years to come, if at all, be another Edmund Pellegrino. A very humble man, when I met him that night, really.  As I peruse his curriculum vitae, I realize that merely being in his presence was a great honor.

At page 7 of the enclosed curriculum vitae (biography) of Dr. Pellegrino, we find listed honorary degrees from Yale and fifty other colleges.  He received the Achievement in Life Award from Encyclopedia Brittanica in 1979; a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Catholic Health Association in 2004; the Lifetime Achievement Award, American Society for Bioethics and Humanities in November 1998; the Laetare Medal from University of Notre Dame in May of 1998; the Patrick Healy Award for Lifetime Achievement and service to Georgetown University, May 2nd, 1998.

the Abraham Flexner Award for Distinguished Service to Medical Education, Association of American Medical Colleges, November 1, 1997; the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, 1994 Editorial Board Award for Excellence, May 1995; the Society for Health and Human Values Award, 1994.  The Christian Medical Society Award in 1993; Distinction in Bioethics Award, International Bioethics Institute, 1993; Benjamin Rush Award for Citizenship and Community Service, American Medical Association, 1992; Special Dedication Issue: The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 1990;(Good heavens, was this an entire medical publication devoted just to him on the cover and throughout it’s contents?) Special Dedication Issue: The Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy, Volume 6,Spring 1990; Presidential Medal Georgetown University, 1990; Honorary Fellow, American College of Legal Medicine, 1988; Mercy Hospital Foundation Medal of Excellence, April 28, 1988; Edmund D. Pellegrino Professorship of Medicine, Endowed Chair, State University of New York, Stoney Brook, New York, 1986; Calvary Medal, 1986; Samuel Cardinal Stritch Award, 1986; Aquinas Medal, University of Dallas, 1986; Certificate of Meritorious Service, Medical Society of D.C., 1980.

And that’s but a partial recitation of the list found on the back of the enclosed CV. Click here to view Dr. Pelligrino’s entire CV.  This man built a reputation not by making snap judgments.  When he pronounced the judgment of a diagnosis and raised his hand to say he was serious a hushed silence of respect came over the entire room.  I am simply reporting what I saw and heard. You be the judge.

Around our thanksgiving tables this year, as we give thanks for family and for this great nation, the light on the hill for the world to see these many years, let us pray that that light will not go out and let us pray for this current president and let us pray that there will be a peaceful transition to the next president (a narcissist cannot allow that someone could take his place or that someone would know better than he).

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,

Martin Palmer


P.S. Perusing his CV, you will see that he was Phi Beta Kappa in college and his years of medicine and positions held are a who’s who of U.S. medicine and the world.  He had been elected to Who’s who in America, World Who’s Who in Science, Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in Healthcare, Who’s Who in Germany.

In his medical career, my eyes pick up Yale (my grandfather was a graduate of it’s law school) where Ed Pellegrino was president and chairman of the Board of Directors Yale New Haven Medical Center, Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut, member of the joint faculty of the Institution of Social and Policy Studies. We also notice that he was president, of the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., Professor of Philosophy and Biology, Catholic University, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Community Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine – Good Heavens!  I get hoarse reading this into dictation and I’ll stop here before my secretary’s printer runs out of ink.  There is no more to be said about the bon-a-fides of this man to have made the diagnosis. Let’s be sure and include our president in prayer around our thanksgiving table.  A diagnosis like this can be a matchhead on an unsettled world stage that is flowing with gasoline.

Remember, it is not the writer that is making the diagnosis.  The writer is simply sharing the diagnosis of this great man and preeminent physician, Dr. Edmund Pellegrino.  He was not known to use hyperbole or make snap judgments.  Indeed, following Obama’s election in November of 2008, it was nearly two years before he was willing to go public and then only with his most trusted fellow physicians with his definitive diagnosis.  In addition to Yale, he held honorary degrees from no less than 51 colleges and universities, all of which honored him by extending the lauds of an honorary degree to this ‘Hippocrates’ of modern medicine.  You have Dr. Pellegrino’s diagnosis of Barak Hussain Obama; a narcissist.  You have Dr. Pellegrino’s curriculum vitae in hand.  Take it to your thanksgiving gatherings and open the dessert course to discussion around that family table.

My wife, an RN, (a former head nurse, Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland) is concerned about me sharing this diagnosis that was made by Dr. Pellegrino.  She says she’s not comfortable with it.  I point out that it is not me that is making the diagnosis, but this national and world renowned authority.  She agrees.  She seems to be worried that if I send it around they may, as she puts it “come after you”. My address is at the top of this letter.  There is plenty of parking at the side of this building. (I am reminded of my dear friend Daniella Brabner-Smith, a German war bride to Professor John Wesley Brabner-Smith who founded the International School of Law in Washington, D.C.  Daniella’s uncle was hung by Hitler with piano wire for crossing Hitler’s path. The response of a narcissist.)

Truth must be made known and it’s the truth that will set us free.  The nation needs to be set free from the grip of this diagnosis of Dr. Pellegrino.  You notice I say diagnosis.  It’s the problems that beset man, not the man himself that has this nation increasingly in the fix it’s in.  An eagle scout can become a danger to others if he drives drunk.  A priest or a cardinal himself can become a lethal weapon behind the wheel of 2000 lbs. of moving steel if he’s intoxicated.  It’s not the man that’s the danger to his fellow man, it’s the substance he has ingested into his body that has caused him to be intoxicated.  A narcissist cannot help himself.  He cannot help but ingest larger and larger doses of the aphrodisiac of power.  It’s the intoxicating substance that makes the man’s actions dangerous to the 300 million people that he’s behind the driver’s wheel for.  We are in the backseat and we are feeling helpless as backseat drivers.  In his valise on the front seat, he has tapes of past speeches to give to the Queen of England and other political leaders.  The rearview mirror is turned down so he can see himself; not even watching the danger that may be approaching from behind (ISIS).  When he sees a barricade ahead on the road with big letters “STOP” (U.S. Constitution), he crashes through it.  He’s on his cell phone to his lawyers talking and texting while driving, checking out his plan to allow millions of undocumented immigrants to remain and work in the U.S. without fear of deportation.  He feels he and he alone is right and has no respect for the law, the Constitution or the nation’s courts.  He’s upset because his program is yet to begin (delayed nearly a year after Texas and 25 other states won an injunction that was upheld by a federal appeals court on Monday, November 9th).  He demands it be taken directly to the Supreme Court.  He has judges (unelected political appointees) that are doing his bidding.  Those of us in the backseat of this ever speeding car need some help.  We need a larger voice.

Truth has a certain patent clarity about it once you get it around.  I’m not into computers, but if any of you have a young person at your Thanksgiving table with the ability to scan Dr. Pellegrino’s CV and his concluding diagnosis about our current president (you are welcome to scan as well this letter – or at least that portion of it that reports Dr. Pellegrino’s announcement to his fellow physicians that he finally diagnosed Obama).

We must pray for this president.  We must pray that he will stop driving drunk with power.  The reins of power that he took up in the oval office are a sacred trust laid down by such men as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and all the great presidents of the past.  We remember Ronald Reagan who was reported by one of his aides to have declined to take his jacket off in the Oval Office after they all came back in to the Oval Office on a hot, sweltering summer day from a ceremony in the Rose Garden.  The aide recalled that his own shirt was sticking to him from perspiration and he took one look at Ronald Reagan and he said “Mr. President, if you take your jacket off, you would be more comfortable.”  He said he’ll never forget the response of Ronald Reagan who said, “I could never take my jacket off in this office.”

What was one of the first pictures we saw circulated widely on the internet after the current president took office?  Sitting with his feet propped up on the desk in the Oval Office, jacket off, collar open.  Can somebody find that picture that went viral on the internet and send me a copy?  I’d like to examine it more closely.  Did he have a mirror in his hand, or was there a mirror on the wall across from his desk that he could keep looking into.  Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?  We have a lot of politicians anymore (Good Heavens! They line up to get paid.)  We have no statesmen!  Try that statement around your Thanksgiving table.


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