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A Symphony of the Preborn Child

This book is an informative, poignant and well documented account of a divorced husband and wife who had divided beliefs in what should happen to their conceived children in vitro.  This includes the eloquent testimony of Dr. Jerome Lejeune in the 1989 Tennessee Frozen Embryos court case of Davis vs. Davis, in which he lays out the humanity of the embryonic child.

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Billy Graham Speaks at the National Cathedral

Father Stevens Sings, “Prayer for the Preborn Child”

Admire the Perfect Creation of GOD

Pro-Life Legislator’s Conference


Click Here to download the words to the Anthem, Prayer for the Preborn Child

Denny Stouffer sings, “Prayer for the Preborn Child”

[audio: prayerfortheprebornchild.mp3]
  • Prayer for the Preborn Child, Anthem
    [audio: choir.mp3]
  • Prayer for the Preborn Child, Poem
    [audio: recitation.mp3]
    • Unborn Child, by PEP (a top calypso recording group in the West Indies)
      [audio: unborn.mp3]
    • Hear the words of Dr. Jerome Lejeune as he paints a symphony of life for the very early child as recorded by the microphones at the Tennessee Frozen Human Embryo case trial at Maryville, Tennessee.
      [audio: testimony_lejeune.mp3]


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