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3 Parent Embryo

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Dear Friends and Family of the Preborn Child,

The Obama Administration is on the fast track to approve “Three Parent In Vitro Fertilization” (TPIVF) for our nation. They are doing this NOT by having their liberal sympathizers propose legislation in the Congress. They are NOT even doing this by submitting the question to the National Institute of Health which back in 1994 was given the question of human embryo experimentation by the Clinton administration. NIH held public hearings as they are required to do. The hearings were open. The proceedings were transcribed and printed in the Federal Register as is required by law .

We brought suit to halt human embryo experimentation in 1994 and with an Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, the suit effectively held it at bay for the balance of the Clinton administration until President Bush took off ice and issued an executive order prohibiting human embryo experimentation with a narrowly circumscribed exception that he outlined in his speech to the nation on August 9, 2001. As we know, when President Obama was elected, he immediately issued his own executive order; countermanding President Bush’s and giving the green light for human embryo experimentation to go forward.

In pressing to go forward with three parent human embryos and hence three parent children, the administration is cleverly bypassing both the Congress and NIH and has handed the question off instead to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . We think of the FDA as ordinarily approving the safety of a new antibiotic or drug. The FDA has itself turned to something called the “Institute of Medicine” (IOM) for an “ethics opinion” on 3 parent embryos. The IOM is an independent non-profit organization that works outside of the federal government and ” THE Goo WHO GAVE us LIFE GAVE us LIBERTY AT THE SAME TIME” … THOMAS JEFFERSON. Therefore is not required to publish its proceedings in the Federal Register . Congress reads the Federal Register, but none of this is showing up in the Federal Register. How many members of the Congress even know what’s going on? Most of the hearings held by the Institute of Medicine are closed sessions and when they are open, they choose ahead of time who will be allowed to speak.

Karen Betts in our office has been doing her best to ascertain what’s going on at these sessions held by the Institute of Medicine . Enclosed is a very informative memo she’s written me on this. Karen also ran across a blog by Chelsea Zimmerman, a very astute writer and editor for some Catholic publications , which is enclosed for your edification. One can view a video and agenda of the meetings of the Institute of Medicine at:

For more information contact Michael Berrios, 202-334-3494, Keck Center, 500 Fifth St., NW, Washington DC 20001, Email:

The next meeting of the IOM is scheduled for May 19 at 10 am. One hour will be allowed for public comment. Anyone wishing to sign up may, but they will receive only 3 minutes apiece. And the two remaining meetings after that are closed to the public. In truth, they don’t want public input. In truth, they’ve made up their minds ahead of time. In truth, they are only pretending that there is a well thought out and balanced decision making process here. Transparency has had the drawstring of the blackout curtains pulled around it. Congress needs to be informed and this matter taken out of the hands of the FDA and taken up by the Congress itself as representatives of the people where it properly belongs.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,

R. Martin Palmer

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